Parents FAQ


We appreciate your interest in DeMolay and welcome the opportunity to discuss the many aspects of our organization specifically designed to provide your son with positive experiential training in leadership, organizational management, community service, public speaking, event planning and more.

Parents are encouraged to get involved with their son's DeMolay Chapter.

The success of every chapter depends on the active participation of our Chapter Advisors and Adult Volunteers. We welcome the contribution of your time and talents to the extent your interest and schedule will permit.

We realize that you may have questions about DeMolay and on this page we have attempted to answer some of those most frequently asked. You are always welcome to contact us directly with any question or concern at [email protected] or you can contact our Executive Officer directly at [email protected].


Who can become a member of DeMolay?

To join DeMolay, you must:

  • Be a young man between the ages of 12 and 21
  • Believe in a Supreme Being
  • Be a person of good character and good reputation
  • Petition a DeMolay chapter
What does DeMolay do?
A little bit of everything! We plan and run our own activities which include sports, social activities, community service, fund raising, trips, dances, and much more! DeMolay members learn how to conduct business meetings and how to perform the rituals,plays, and speeches that set DeMolay apart from other fraternities.
How much does it cost?
DeMolay charges a one-time initiation fee. Your local Chapter can give you details on the fees, but there are no annual dues for the rest of your life! Some of our activities cost money but we do fund raising to help with that.
Can I attend a meeting and see what it's like?
Sure! DeMolay has public ceremonies where anyone is invited to attend, and private ceremonies that are only open to DeMolays, the advisors, Masons, and parents. Parents of potential members are invited to attend all meetings and activities to gain an understanding of our practices. In fact, there isn't a DeMolay activity that you as parents or guardians are not welcome to attend. Most Chapters have Parents Clubs, and many parents become advisors for their son's Chapter.
Can girls join?
DeMolay is an organization for young men, but there are girls at many of our activities. There are other organizations for young ladies, similar to DeMolay, which are also sponsored by the Masonic Family such as the International Order of Rainbow for Girls.
What are the ceremonies my son would go through?
Ever since DeMolay began in 1919, all of its members have gone through the same initiation ceremonies, including John Wayne, Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather. To be a DeMolay you must go through two ceremonies, which we call 'degrees'. The first is the Initiatory Degree where the Seven Cardinal Virtues or 'precepts' of a DeMolay are explained to you by the members of the Chapter. The second degree is the DeMolay Degree where we dress up in costume and put on a short play for the initiates to watch. The play is about the trials of Jacques DeMolay (the person DeMolay is named after), and teaches us about the bond of friendship and loyalty we share as DeMolay members.