The DeMolay International Alumni Association provides its members the opportunity to support DeMolay, become involved, and develop lifelong friendships. A strong network of Alumni provides a solid foundation for the long-term success of DeMolay.That’s why the Alumni Association is revamping its program to offer greater benefit to its members. Participation in Alumni events, communication tools, and a great set of Alumni-only discounts and perks make membership in the Alumni Association a rewarding experience.

The benefits that are now available to our Alumni include

  • A lifetime 10% discount for personal purchases from the DeMolay & More Store
  • Membership to the Avis Worldwide Discount Program
  • An application for the DeMolay International MBNA MasterCard
  • Savings on hotel rates with Drury Inns
  • An Alumni Association certificate and membership card
  • Invitations to Alumni Events regionally and nationally
  • Periodic communication from DeMolay

The Alumni Association welcomes those who were members of DeMolay in their youth, as well as parents, and other DeMolay supporters —both men and women. The DeMolay Alumni Association is organized to be a strong foundation upon which we will build and expand DeMolay into the future. Show your pride in DeMolay by joining the Alumni Association today! While yearly memberships are available, you are encouraged to sign up for a Lifetime Membership for just $100.00. This investment in the future of DeMolay will ensure that you never have to pay an annual membership fee again, yet your membership will continue to benefit DeMolay International and the DeMolay AlumniTrust Fund.

For a copy of the Alumni Development Guide, contact DeMolay International for more information at DeMolay International, 10200 NW Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, MO 64153-1367, or call 1-800-DEMOLAY or e-mail [email protected].

Join the Alumni Association today. If you’re already a member, tell a friend! Pass this information on to an adult who wants to make a difference in the life of a young man.

Get your Alumni Application Here.