Congratulations to our 2023-2024 State Officers

State Master Councilor

Deputy State Master Councilor

State Senior Councilor

State Junior Councilor

Executive Officer

State Sweetheart

State Priory Queen

State Illustrious Knight Commander


A DeMolay is built on seven cardinal virtues. These virtues we believe round out and complete our character.

Love of Home

Filial love, the bond between parents and their children, is ranked first since this virtue has taught millions of DeMolays to strive to repay the care, so often under appreciated, our parents give to us.


The sixth principle of DeMolay is cleanness, not the bodily cleanness that we all practice, but cleanness in every thought, word, and deed. This principle encourages us to maintain a civil tongue and polite manner while avoiding vulgarity and hurtful pranks.


A courteous person is admired, serves as an example for others, and elicits respect from adults and peers. This allows more opportunities since courteous persons gain the attention of others.


Jacques DeMolay and his companions held true to each other until death, and each of us should never forget this great example of true comradeship. Our common goals, pledges, and vows bond all DeMolays into a fellowship that cannot be broken.

Reverence For The Sacred

DeMolay’s second principle, reverence for sacred things, teaches every member to honor his promises and to respect the religious beliefs of others, while keeping his own.


Fidelity is the essence of every DeMolay’s promise to remain loyal to every other DeMolay. Many of us will never be confronted with a situation such as Jacques DeMolay faced, yet each of us should be ready to take the necessary measures to live up to the vows we take as DeMolays.


DeMolay’s seventh precept is patriotism. DeMolay encourages its members to stand as good and upright citizens on behalf of our beloved flag and our hallowed land. Many DeMolays who have come before us made great sacrifices to keep our great Nation safe. Their examples inspire patriotism in the hearts and minds of every young man in DeMolay