Traveling Gavel

Gavel's Current Location: Waco Chapter (as of 6-10-2021)

Texas DeMolay Traveling Gavel Program Rules

The Texas DeMolay Traveling Gavel Program is designed to enhance inter-chapter relationships. Proper rules of the gavel must be observed in order for it to serve its purposes. The rules are:

  • The Traveling Gavel will be brought to State Conclave and Government Day each year where it will be awarded by a random drawing. Each Chapter participating in the event will have one entry in the drawing for the Traveling Gavel.
  • A Chapter may obtain the Gavel by taking at least two (2) Advisors and a minimum of three (3) DeMolays to a regular stated meeting of the Chapter possessing the Gavel. Attendance at meetings that are not stated meetings of the Chapter will not work to claim the Gavel. Attendance at Installations of Officers, however, is acceptable for purposes of claiming the Gavel.
  • If two or more Chapters appear at the same meeting to obtain the Gavel, the Chapter having the most points is awarded the Gavel. Points are obtained in the following manner: one point per member, plus one point per mile traveled. (Ex. 100 miles traveled + 3 DeMolays = 103 points)
  • The Gavel shall remain with the possessing Chapter for at least (2) two weeks before another Chapter can capture it.
  • Each time the Gavel is captured, the capturing Chapter must notify the State Junior Councilor, the Web Master, and the Executive Officer with in three days. Notification may be accomplished either by email, regular mail, or telephone. Failure to notify the above named officials will result in forfeiture of the gavel it shall be returned to the Chapter who last possessed it. The offending Chapter will not be allowed to capture it again for a period of three months from the date they failed to notify the proper authorities.
    • State Junior Councilor:
    • Executive Officer:
    • Webmaster:
  • The Gavel shall not remain with one individual Chapter for any longer than three (3) stated meetings; should this occur, it would be necessary for that Chapter to transfer the Gavel to another Chapter of their choice at least fifty miles from their home Chapter.
  • The Traveling Gavel, and its whereabouts are the responsibility of the State Junior Councilor. He is to see that the Gavel is at all times serving its purpose. He is also to notify the Web Master each time it has been captured and who took possession of it. It will further be his responsibility to make sure that any damages to the Gavel are recorded immediately. The Web Master will post its location on the State Web Page.
  • Each Chapter shall be responsible for the maintaining the Gavel in the condition in which it was received. Any damage found on the Gavel must be reported immediately to the State Junior Councilor who will report the damage to the Executive Officer. Any Chapter in possession of the Gavel when damage, defacing, marring, or loss occurs will be responsible for the costs of all repairs and/or its replacement.