State Officers

State Master Councilor - Noah Blair

Noah P Blair
State Master Councilor

Noah P. Blair was born on the 18 th of September in the year 1999 in Hurst, Texas to Jenifer and
Christopher Blair. He spent several years of his life moving around, but in 2009 his family
moved to Midlothian, TX where he still lives to this day. In May of 2017, he graduated from
Midlothian High School with distinction.

He has dedicated hundreds of hours to tutoring and mentoring kids at Mission Midlothian, which
provides free after school day car to children of single parent families. Additionally, a large
portion of his life has been spent in service to organizations dedicated to helping children with
disabilities, including the Deaf Blind Multi-Handicapped Association of Texas, For Maddie’s
Sake, and Special Olympics.

Noah was an accomplished academic throughout his high school career, graduating in the top ten
percent of his class and competing with the debate team all four years. He was a four-time
regional qualifier for numerous speech and debater events and was the only student in Texas
history to qualify for nationals in three separate events. He served as the Vice President of the
Debate team for a year and served as the Speech Captain for three years. He was also a member
of the Choral Department, getting the highest possible score at state Solo and Ensemble and
serving as a Bass Section Leader. He lettered in both programs.

During his freshman year of High School, he was initiated into Legacy Chapter in Midlothian,
where he served as the first line signer for his brother, Jonah. Then in February of 2016, he
transferred his membership to the newly created Red Oak Chapter where he served as its very
first Junior Councilor and a Charter Member. He also then served as the first line signer for his
youngest brother, Jedidiah. In March of 2017, he was elected Master Councilor of Red Oak
chapter and became its first Master Councilor to receive his PMC-MSA. He also received his
Representative DeMolay Award, as well as several awards for his work in DeMolay Degree and
Ceremony of Light.

Sir Knight Blair was initiated into D/FW Priory on July 9, 2017 at the 87 th Annual Conclave. In
June of 2018 was installed as Illustrious Knight Commander.

At the 2018 Session of the International Supreme Council, Brother Blair vas unanimously
approved to receive the Degree of Chevalier.

In November of 2017, Noah Blair was initiated as an Entered Apprentice at Red Oak Lodge
#461 under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas, AF & AM. In February, he was passed
to the of Fellowcraft, and on April 7 th of 2018, he was raised to the sublime Degree of Master
Mason. He was installed as the Tiler of Red Oak Lodge on July 14 th of 2018.

In July of 2017, Noah was elected to serve as the State Senior Councilor for the Jurisdiction of
Texas under Brother Cody Jones, where he served faithfully throughout his term. Then, in July
of 2018, he was elected to serve as the 89 th State Master Councilor of Texas.

Deputy State Master Councilor - Rex William Wunsche

Rex William Wunsche
Deputy State Master Councilor

Rex William Wunsche was born on April 26, 2001 in Shenandoah, Texas to Paul and Becky
Wunsche. He is currently a Senior at Klein High School, where he is very involved in the band, including
playing the flute and serving as a flute section leader and head librarian. He is also involved in both the
youth and music departments at Rosehill United Methodist Church where he is a member of the
handbell choir and serves on the youth leadership committee.

On May 25, 2013, Rex was one of the first members to be initiated into Lionheart Chapter
#44167, and he is a charter member. On January 24, 2015, after serving as Junior Councilor and Senior
Councilor, Rex was installed as the fourth Master Councilor of Lionheart Chapter. On February 3, 2017,
Rex was installed as the first active member of Lionheart Chapter to hold the office of Scribe.

Prior to his term as Master Councilor, Rex earned both his Lamp of Knowledge and his
Representative DeMolay Award. During his term as Master Councilor, he earned his Past Master
Councilor’s Meritorious Service Award. He has also earned the Founders Membership Award, the Blue
Honor Key, and numerous merit bars.

At the 50 th DeMolay International Congress, Rex was honored to be elected to receive the
degree of Chevalier. He was elevated to the rank and honor of Chevalier in Gulf Coast Court of
Chevaliers on July 9, 2017, and he was elected as Commander in the South on October 8, 2017.

On July 14, 2017, Rex was invested into San Jacinto Priory at the 87 th Texas State Conclave. He is
also a dual and charter member of Golden Triangle Priory, where he currently serves as Prior.

Rex was honored to serve as District Deputy State Master Councilor for District Five, under State
Master Councilor Chris Little, and State Junior Councilor for the Texas DeMolay Association under State
Master Councilor Cody Jones. At the 88 th annual State Conclave, he was honored to be elected to serve
as the 73 rd Deputy State Master Councilor. He looks forward to many more years serving the Texas DeMolay Association

State Senior Councilor - Jonah Blair

Brother Jonah Blair was born December 14 th , 2000 in Brownsville, Texas to his parents Jenifer
and Christopher Blair. He spent several years of his life moving around, but in 2009 his family
moved to Midlothian, TX where he still lives to this day. He was born with many health defects
including, but not limited to, being born with half a heart and he was born with a bone missing in
his thumb. He has had various surgeries for his heart and wasn’t supposed to live past five years
old. This made elementary school hard with people not wanting to be friends with him because
of his health problems and having to be absent through lots of grade school for surgeries and
other procedures. In middle school, he was still struggling and would get sick very often and
would have to be sent home a lot of the time for not feeling well.

In 2014 his older brother, Noah Blair, was invited to DeMolay and loved it so much that he
wanted Jonah to join. Jonah was initiated into DeMolay on April 5 th , 2014 into Legacy Chapter.
In early 2016 he transferred his membership and became a Charter Member of Red Oak Chapter.
Jonah was installed as Master Councilor of Red Oak Chapter in November of 2017 and decided
that he wanted to run for State Senior Councilor. At the 2018 Conclave, he was elected and
installed as the State Senior Councilor for the Texas DeMolay Association. He is very honored to
be elected into this position and will serve Texas DeMolay to the very best of his ability.

Throughout his time in DeMolay he has learned very valuable lessons and skills that will help
him throughout his adult life. Skills including community service skills that helped him become
an assistant volunteer for the Midlothian Special Olympic Basket Ball Team, the Ellis county
Special Olympic swim team, and was a volunteer at a daycare for kids who have single parents
called Mission Midlothian, and he is currently a helper at the Ellis County Adaptive Dance Crew
where he helps as a teacher to teach dances to special needs kids. He has learned many good
lessons over his years in DeMolay that he will carry throughout the rest of his life. He will do the
best he can to serve DeMolay as the State Senior Councilor of Texas.

State Junior Councilor - Justin Hancock

Justin Hancock was born in June 15, 2000 in a small town outside of Waco called China Spring, Texas. He
attended school Pre-K through 12 th at China Spring ISD. He is now attending McLennan Community
College where he plans on being there for two years to pursue music education. He plays trumpet in
band. He was also a section leader for two years in high school. Justin is an outstanding musician. He
made the Association of Texas Small School Bands jazz band and concert band in high school. He was a
part of his school’s top band two years in a row, one time being on a different instrument. He was
named outstanding trumpet twice and was named the 2017-2018 outstanding male senior by the band

Justin was initiated to Waco Chapter on October 17, 2013. Before his term as Master Councilor, Justin
earned numerous merit bars, his Lamp of Knowledge, and his #1 Pin. During his term and post term as
Master Councilor, he received his Founders Membership Award and Representative DeMolay Award.
Justin was invested into priory on July 30, 2016 as a part of DFW Priory, now Michie Brouse Priory. Going
into the centennial year of DeMolay Justin was elected to serve as the State Junior Councilor for the 2018-2019 Term

State Illustrious Knight Commander - Gaige Michael Harvey

Gaige Michael Harvey was born on August 27, 2000 in Port Author, Texas to Jennifer Leean
Howell and Christopher Wayne Harvey. He is currently a Senior at Nederland High School and
anticipates graduating in 2019. He joined Band in middle school and learned to play the Alto and
Baritone Saxophone. He joined Jazz Band in his 8th grade year. In his first two years of high
school, he was in Concert A Band and Jazz Band. During football season, he was part of the
Loading Crew. Their job was to load and unload band equipment. During his Sophomore year,
he play the saxophone for iRule, a local dance school, in their winter and summer performances.
When becoming a Junior, he decided to join the Nederland Bulldogs football team.

Brother Harvey was initiated into the Nederland Chapter on March 18, 2015. After presenting his
proficiency and receiving his Representative DeMolay Award, he was elected and installed as
the Master Councilor on July 17, 2017. Since becoming a member, he was won 1 st Place Ritual
competitions and Athletic competitions at Conclave.

Sir Knight Harvey was invested into the Albert Pike Priory at Conclave 2017 on July 14. Soon
after, he became a driving force to help found a new priory and was transferred to Golden
Triangle Priory. He serve as the first Illustrious Knight Commander. On July 20, 2018, he was
elected and installed as the 65 th State Illustrious Knight Commander of the Texas State Priory.

State Sweetheart - Kendal Clark

Kendal Danea Clark was born on August 2, 2001 in Arlington, Texas to Kevin and Shanna
Clark. She is currently a Senior at Matthew Road Academy and finishing her Freshman year at
Tarrant County College.

She was installed as H. Malvern Marks Chapter Sweetheart, beginning her service on December
3rd of 2016 at the Toys for Tots Dance. Kendal has completed her LCC's earning her Lamp of
Knowledge as well as her Pink Honor Key while in service to H. Malvern Marks Chapter.
Kendal began her Masonic journey when she was eight years old as a Pledge, once eleven she
was initiated into Rainbow and has been very active. She has been recognized as a Rocking
Rainbow Girl by Supreme for her service to the Scottish Rite Hospital in 2016. She also has
completed membership challenges on a Supreme level for the last two sessions. She has served
as Grand Patriotism 2016-2017, Grand Drill Leader 2017-2018 and is currently serving as Grand
Musician 2018-2019 for the Grand Assembly of Texas International Order of the Rainbow for

Kendal’s interest includes DeMolay, Rainbow, Church, ASL, Line Dancing and she is a huge fan
of puppies! Kendal volunteers and mentors to youth believing it is the service given to others that
has its biggest reward.

Kendal has many plans for her term as State Sweetheart. She feels blessed to serve as the Texas
DeMolay State Sweetheart for the 2018-2019 term. She is ready to get to work with the young
men across Texas she already considers her brothers as they grow this amazing organization.

District Deputy State Master Councilors

  • District 1: Vacant
  • District 2: Michael Cote
  • District 3: Jackson Derrick
  • District 4: Robin Reed
  • District 5: Galen Mikal
  • District 6: Wyatt Raesz
  • District 7: Tyler Copenhaver