Hall of Fame

The Alumni Association is committed to recognizing the achievements of our successful Senior DeMolays through the DeMolay Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame spotlights our bright past and will be the showcase for our shining future. It reminds all DeMolays of what can be accomplished with hard work.

Tom Leppertb. 1954PoliticianDallas Mayor
Carl B. Albert1908–2000PoliticianSpeaker of the House (1971–1977)
Cecil D. Andrusb. 1931PoliticianGovernor of Idaho (1971–1977, 1987–1995), U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1977–1981)
Reubin O'Donovan Askewb. 1928Politician37th Governor of Florida (1971–1979)
Walter "Red" Barber1908–1992Sports BroadcasterRecipient of Ford C. Frick Award from National Baseball Hall of Fame
Mel Blanc1908–1989Cartoon Voice ActorMan of a Thousand Voices
Frank Bormanb. 1928AstronautCommander of Apollo 8, CEO of Eastern Airlines (1975–1986), recipient of Congressional Space Medal of Honor
Vance D. Brandb. 1931AstronautFlew on Apollo-Soyuz, as well as three Space Shuttle missions
Carroll A. Campbell, Jr.1940–2005PoliticianGovernor of South Carolina (1987–1995)
Curtis L. Carlson1914–1999Entrepreneur, PhilanthropistFounded The Carlson Companies in 1938 as The Gold Bond Trading Company
Mel Carnahan1934–2000PoliticianGovernor of Missouri (1991–2000)
Bill Clintonb. 1946Politician42nd President of the United States
Gary Collinsb. 1938ActorBest known for Airport (1970)
Walt Disney1901–1966Cartoonist and entrepreneurCreator of Mickey Mouse, Co-Founder of The Walt Disney Company
Lee S. Dreyfusb. 1926Educator and politicianGovernor of Wisconsin (1979–1983)
Buddy Ebsen1908–2003Actor, singer, dancerStar of Barnaby Jones and The Beverly Hillbillies
David Goodnowb. 1940Broadcast JournalistFormer Anchor of CNN Headline News
Paul Harvey1918–2009ABC Radio broadcasterRecipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom
Mark Hatfield1922-2011PoliticianGovernor of Oregon (1959–1967), U.S. Senator (1967–1997)
Burl Ives1909–1995Folk singer and actorHave a Holly Jolly Christmas, narrator of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Henry M. Jackson1912–1983PoliticianU.S. Senator (1953–1983)
Brereton C. Jonesb. 1939PoliticianGovernor of Kentucky (1991–1995)
Harmon Killebrew1936-2011Former professional baseball player and businessmanMember of National Baseball Hall of Fame
Richard Kingb. 1938Former President of Rotary International
Elmer Lower1913–2011Journalist, Media ExecutiveFormer President of ABC News
Bob Mathiasb. 1930Olympic Athlete, PoliticianTwo-time Olympic Gold Medalist, U.S. Representative from California (1967–1975)
Edgar D. Mitchellb. 1930Astronaut6th Man to Walk on the Moon on Apollo 14
Tom Osborneb. 1937Athlete, Coach, PoliticianFormer Head Coach at University of Nebraska, Member of College Football Hall of Fame
Walter C. Ploeser1907–1993Businessman, PoliticianU.S. Representative from Missouri (1941–1949) U.S. Ambassador to Paraguay (1957–1959), U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica (1970–1972)
Pete Roseb. 1941Baseball playerAll-Time Major League Baseball Leader in hits with 4,256.
James Nicholas Rowe1938–1989United States Army ColonelVietnam POW, Author of Five Years to Freedom
Edward T. Schaferb. 1946Politician29th United States Secretary of Agriculture, Governor of North Dakota 1992 – 2000
Harold Schafer1912–2001Philanthropist and businessmanFounder of Gold Seal Company
Lance P. Sijan1942–1968United States Air Force CaptainRecipient of the Medal of Honor
Alex Spanosb. 1923Owner of the San Diego Chargers
John Steinbeck1902–1968Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Nobel laureateWrote The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men
John Cameron Swayze1906–1995Newscaster
Fran Tarkentonb. 1940Professional Football Player, Businessman, EntrepreneurMember, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Member, College Football Hall of Fame
John Wayne1907–1979ActorWon Academy Award for Best Actor for True Grit in 1969
James C. Wright, Jr.b. 1922PoliticianSpeaker of the House (1987–1989)

The complete list of inductees can be found on the DeMolay International site.