Government Day



All of this information is subject to change!

It is time for our 44th Annual Government Day, one of the major highlights of the Texas DeMolay year. Please note, the event will be held at the Grand Lodge of Texas instead of the State Capitol in Austin. The information you need to register for this event is contained in this packet. If you have any questions, please see contact info below. This is planned for a two day event; however, no one’s scores will be penalized should they choose to not come to the Sunday session, and they will still be eligible for all awards. We will be in Phase One of the Texas DeMolay Reopening plans unless otherwise notified by the Executive Officer of Texas. All guidelines must be strictly followed. We encourage those planning to stay overnight in a hotel to have families room together if at all possible. The Executive Officer may at any time cancel the event as a whole or reduce it to a shorter timeframe. Any decisions pertaining to changes in the schedule will be sent to each registered delegation.

The DEADLINE for registration is Saturday, January 9, 2021.

All registrations must be completed online. The registration fee will be $25 for everyone attending. If the House and Senate are full before the registration deadline, we will try to accommodate all registrants, but we may not be able to guarantee official seats. A Medical Release Form for each participant (youth and adult) must be mailed to Chance Chapman. Chapters and Assemblies should also have at least one copy of each form with them during Government Day. All registrations must be completed online. Simply sending in a Medical Release Form is not considered registration.

NOTE – There will be no individual registrations accepted.

ALL participants MUST be officially registered as part of a Chapter or Assembly. Every Chapter and Assembly must send a $100 damage deposit check with your Medical Release Forms. There will be no exceptions. This is for all delegations no matter the size. A delegation will not be considered fully registered until the medical release forms, registration fees, and damage deposit are received. There will be no exceptions. All registrations will need to be done online and all payments will be by check only this year. This is in the event that Texas DeMolay must pay for damages incurred in the Grand Lodge building. The damage deposit MUST be a separate check. It will be returned or shredded when it is determined no damages have occurred. Checks will be shredded between 90 and 120 days after the event.

Each Chapter and Assembly is encouraged to participate and will be allowed at least one Senator. Please note Chamber assignment for each youth participant during registrations. If there is no choice made, the attendee may be assigned to the House or Senate Chamber at the discretion of the Registrar. No Chapter or Assembly will receive more than two Senators without approval of the Director of Government Day. The State Executive Committee members of DeMolay are to be given first priority regarding Senatorial positions and do not count towards the delegation’s maximum of two Senators. All registrants will be assigned seats in the House unless otherwise noted on the registration form, until the House floor is filled. Final seat assignments are at the discretion of the Registrar and Director of Government Day. In the event that the Senate is full and the House still has open seats available, the Registrar may reassign those who have selected senate to the House until the House seats are also full. At that time, extra Senate seats will be considered. At least one Senate per delegation will still be allowed. To help avoid confusion and save time, we will be pre-assigning seats in the House and Senate. Seat assignments will be printed on each participant’s nametag.

The Bill Book will be posted on the Texas DeMolay Website at least 30 days before the session for preparation of debate.

Included in this packet are your Medical Release Forms. If you require any additional forms, or “How to Write a Bill” forms,please reproduce them.

The Executive Officer will hold a meeting with the Chapter Chairmen and Chapter Advisors on Sunday morning. See the schedule for the time of the meeting.

Please remember the following directives:

  1. Members of the Order of DeMolay and Order of Rainbow may be nominated for elective offices in the Senate and House of Representatives.
  2. Speakers who have the floor may NOT BE INTERRUPTED BY QUESTIONS.
  3. All Speakers must sign up to speak and will not line up at the microphones.
  4. No cell phones, portable electronic devices, or computers are allowed on the floor of either the House or Senate.
  5. Speakers will wait until the current speaker is through talking and then approach the microphone for a presentation. Please refer to the section of the packet regarding House and Senate rules.


There WILL NOT be a host hotel. Each Chapter is available to stay wherever they would like for this event. There will not be a dance this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Executive Officer requires at least two (2) registered Advisors for each Chapter. Three Advisors will be needed if more than ten DeMolay’s are present. YOUR RAINBOW ASSEMBLY MAY HAVE DIFFERENT REQUIREMENTS. If you do not have a registered adult in your group, you will not be allowed to participate.

Please print or type all forms clearly. Your cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.

NEW: Each Chapter and Assembly will be assigned a specific location on the Grand Lodge building grounds to assemble in the case of an evacuation. A designated adult from each delegation will be responsible for accounting for all members of the delegation and reporting to the Executive Officer or Director of Government Day. This adult must be designated when credentials are picked up and must be present at Government Day at all times. The designated adult for your Chapter or Assembly will be notified of your designated location prior to Government Day.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Get the 2021 Government Day Packet Here